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Hi Guys how they hanging?

Just wanted to stop in and say sorry for not keeping up with the blog. I know the fans deserve a little more attention but I’ve been on the road so much with the snakes, reptiles and other venomous animals that just haven’t had much time to check in.

Lately I’ve been trying to breed my cottonmouths to produce baby cottonmouths this season. I’ve got a ton of people interested in buying the babies.

I also found a couple cool cottonmouths out at my daddy’s farm that I plan to add to the breeding collection. I’ll have pics of those up soon.

Talk at you

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Just checking in

Howdy folks! Just checking to tell all my wonderful cyber friends that I did an awesome thing today. I went sky diving with my snake Freddy! Freddy was a little scared at 12,000 feet but he quickly got over that as we sailed through the air. It was awesome.

Next week I’m taking my turtle Jimmy. I’ll be sure to post pics here.

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The Venomous Master!!!!

Cottonmouth water moccasins are bombastic venomous reptiles that can be located in southern realm. Obviously, with an animal that opens it’s mouth good and broad and shows it’s defense equipment to anybody trying to tread on it; a name like cottonmouth was more than vital being in the cotton region of the United States.

Cottonmouths can be very defensive but they don’t genuinely merit the dreadful rap they get because cases of bites to the public barely exist and are likely created by human misplay. For whatever reason folks enjoy to provoke these animals in front of their buddies after having a few beers to look cool which commonly ends up with the instigator in the hospital.

These animals are in fact deadly and require a lot of due respect. Cottonmouth snakes have hemotoxic venom that works by killing tissue cells in the bite locale. This venom causes a lot of internal bleeding and it also works to forbid blood from clotting properly which is highly unsafe. Bite victims at times will receive blood loss from their eye balls and nostrils as a result of receiving a terrible venomous snake bite. Reports from bite victims regularly report the occurrence as being the most horrific pain they’ve experienced in their lives; its even been compared in the past as being similar to a stab wound with total agonizing pain .

Only 50% of all snake bites are effective and contain venom, the other 50% are not effective as they contain no venom; these bites are called “dry bites.” All bites have to be taken highly critical with the victim finding medical aid as soon as possible.

As long as the bite victim receives care from a doctor and gets Crofab antiserum in a timely manor, the affects of the bite will be minimised and the likihood of the victim surviving the bite as very good. Luckily, pretty much every hospital that is inside the native range of the cottonmouth water moccasin does hold anti-serum to effectively handle snake bites. Crofab is designed to be able to treat snake bites from virtually all native venomous snakes here in the United States.

All in all it’s better to treat these creatures with uttermost respect and use extreme caution when encountering a cottonmouth in the wild.

It’s only reasonable for me to point you in the correct direction for superior information on Agkistrodon piscivorus being as I got a great deal of my information from this website, just stop and say hi at this link Cotton mouth Snake Pictures Killer images of that authoritative defense stance too. See you there.

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More feeding today.

I went through all my adult ball pythons and did some feeding today. I breed my own rodents so feeding a decent size collection of snakes isn’t too costly. It does get old taking care of rodents day in and day out 24/7/365

Who knows what tomorrow will bring :)

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Hello bloggers of the world!!

My name is robert and I’m a reptiholic..lol Yes, thats right I’m a reptile fanatic. I look forward to sharing some of my knowledge of the serpent with you folks.

Talk soon
Reptile Robert